The Visual Arts

Drawing -

I've always loved drawing and doing art, even just pencil drawing, colored pencils or plain old ordinary ones. I thought of going to art school instead of college, but ended up deciding not to get "educated"in visual art in any way that might mess up my enjoyment of the process by getting ego or money mixed up in it. (I sometimes wish I'd been equally smart about how I pursued music, but I was drawn to music with such force I couldn't have manifested the same resistence.)

Computer Graphics and Video -

After beginning to use them for music, I realized that the computer is a sort of Rossetta Stone for the arts. Techniques learned for music (programming, learning to describe abstract structures and processes in artificial languages) are applicable to alternative sensory modalities of input/output in an unprecedented way. (All the guitar chops in the world won't help you much with a paint brush.)

So, of course, I wrote myself what's now called a "paint" program (one of the first, at Bell Labs in 1974), then made lots of still images using it. I also interfaced it with time structuring software I was already using for music composition, and was able to generate output to video and film in the following years.

Recently I've begun to very much enjoy photography again, which I had begun as a kid but not done much of the past couple of decades.

See a few of my videos on YouTube and my photographs on Flickr.

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